About the Laser Teaching Center

The Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center

The Laser Teaching Center is a permanent facilty within the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Stony Brook for hands-on instructional programs in optical physics and technology. The facility is set up in a dedicated 1100 square foot suite of rooms in the basement (S-level) of the Physics Building, immediately downstairs from the department office. This location is close to research laboratories for laser and atomic physics and the AMO physics conference room. The departmental machine and electronics shops are nearby.

The educational philosopy of the Center has been described in a 2001 article in our department's newsletter and a paper at the 2007 ETOP conference. Visit our Current Group, Student Projects, and WISE pages to access pictures, web journals and reports from current and past students. Several projects have also been described in two additional papers at ETOP-2007.

Other programs that support optics education within the Department include:

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