Hello! I am ZOU Yueyang, senior year exchange student from The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), major in physics with pure physics option and minor in math. Here in Stony Brook University( 2012-13 Fall), I work in Prof. Metcalf's group, as well as Laser Teaching Center for Optics rotation course.

In the last three years, I obtained both theoretical experiment training experience. The course taken history and research experience are listed below:

Math and Physics irrelavent courses are excluded

MATH 023	 Honors Calculus I	                        2009-10 Fall
MATH 024	 Honors Calculus II	                        2009-10 Spring
MATH 101	 Multivariable Calculus	                        2010-11 Fall
MATH 111	 Linear Algebra	                                2009-10 Spring
MATH 151	 Differentialerential Equations & Applications	2009-10 Summer
MATH 2043	 Analysis I	                                2011-12 Fall
PHYS 002	 Introduction to Astrophysics and Astronomy	2009-10 Spring
PHYS 011	 General Physics I	                        2009-10 Fall
PHYS 031	 Lab General Physics I	                        2009-10 Fall
PHYS 121	 Fundamentals of Physics	                2010-11 Fall
PHYS 126	 Introduction to Modern Physics	                2009-10 Spring
PHYS 127	 Introduction to Modern Physics Lab	        2010-11 Spring
PHYS 211	 Method of Experimental Physics	                2010-11 Summer
PHYS 221	 Internediate Classical Mechanics	        2010-11 Fall
PHYS 223	 Internediate Elect & Magnetism I	        2010-11 Fall
PHYS 224	 Internediate Elect Magnetism II	        2010-11 Spring
PHYS 236	 Introduction Principles Quantum Mechanics      2010-11 Spring
PHYS 3031	 Mathmatical Methods in Physics	                2011-12 Fall
PHYS 3090	 Directed Study in Physics II	                2011-12 Fall
PHYS 332	 Introduction to Solid State Physics	        2010-11 Spring
PHYS 340	 Introduction to Astrophysics	                2010-11 Spring
PHYS 3480	 Physics SeminarTutorial II	                2011-12 Fall
PHYS 4050	 Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics	        2011-12 Spring
PHYS 4051	 Elementary Quantum Mechanics II	        2011-12 Fall
PHYS 4055	 Nuclear and Particle Physics	                2011-12 Fall
PHYS 4090	 Directed Study in PhysicsIII	                2011-12 Spring
PHYS 5260	 Quantum Mechanics II	                        2011-12 Spring
PHY 445	         Senior Laboratory 	                        2012-13 Fall (@ Stony Brook) 
PHY 487          Research	                                2012-13 Fall (@ Stony Brook) 
PHY 582          Optics Rotation 	                        2012-13 Fall (@ Stony Brook) 

Laborotary and research experience 

2010 Summer       UROP (Undergtraduate Research Oppurtunity Program)
                        Supervisor: Prof.LIN Nian   
                        Colleague: WANG Shuanglong
                        Topic: Single molecule Characterization 
2011 Fall         PHYS 3090	 Directed Study in Physics II
                        Supervisor: Prof. TAM Wing Yim   
                        Tutor: GAO Wensheng 
                        Topic: Fabrication of Metamaterials
2012 Spring       PHYS 4090	 Directed Study in PhysicsIII
                        Supervisor: Prof. TAM Wing Yim   
                        Tutor: HAN Chunrui
                        Colleague: ZHOU Tong
                        Topic: Optics properties of Metamaterials 
2012 Summer       Paul and May Chu Overseas Research Award 
                        Supervisor: Gregory Tucker (@Brown University)
                        Topic: Image processing and atmoshpere modeling