Hello, as you have probably already seen the title of my page, my name is Woody Chuang. I am from Virginia, and I am currently a rising sophmore at Potomac Falls High School. I am going to be here for 3 weeks and I hope I can learn as much about optics as I can. The reason for how I got here was because of my desire to gain some lab experience at a young age. Even though I have only taken one physics course, I have a deep interest in physics and a desire to learn as much as possible. Since my dad is physicist and works with lasers almost everyday, I thought that it would be a good idea to begin my lab experience in the field of lasers, a field that is crucial to modern daily life. Although, it is early ofr me decide on a specific field to settle, I know that whatever I plan to do will involve physics.

My interest in lasers began as little child, my dad was a physicist and he would love to teach the concepts of physics whenever he had time. When I began 8th grade, the buzz was all about being accepted into Thomas Jefferson High School, which is a very prestigious school. Unfortunately, I never made the cut, but that did not mean the end. On the other hand, I now had the time to excel and succeed in my home school while also having the time to do the extracurricular activities I enjoy. My extracurricular activities include piano, wushu, Chinese School, and volunteer service. I have been playing the piano for 10 years and I have recently finished 8th grade level in the Associated Royal Board School of Music. I have also been practicing wushu for 3 years. I am currently not practicing hand to hand combat, more like competitional wushu where appearance and gracefulness are more important. Other than school activities, I also attend Chinese School to learn Chinese and teach younger children on the weekends. I am currently a teaching assisstant for the advanced 6 grade math class. In my spare time I practice tennis and hang around with my friends.

As I entered my freshman year of high school, I knew that this was going to be a fresh start for me. I was going to make new friends and do wonderful activities in and out of school. In the previous summer, I applied to a program hosted by the Discovery Channel and sponsored by 3M. The program had young students demonstrate various phenomenons in the field of physics and explain them in easy-to-understand language. Although I never won, I learned a lot from just the project itself. When summer came, I knew that I had to volunteer in some sort of program. I decided to become a volunteer in my communities environmental program where volunteers help in nature restoring projects and educate young children about nature. I had plenty of experience with children before I began since I had helped my Martial Arts teacher with his summer camp the year before.

Now, one might wonder what a person from Virginia be doing in New York. I am here becuase my dad was formally a graduate student here and he knew that Stony Brook had one of the best physics departments in the country. He knew that lab experience here would be an invaluable asset. I had just finished Biology with some limited lab experience and I had just finished Algebra 2/Trig so I will know how to understand the mathematical formulas I will come across.