Just like some of the previous WISE students before me, I was not born in the United States. I was raised in Taiwan, and came to USA at the age of nine. It is true that it was difficult for me to deal with a whole new language and culture at that age. However, what was most difficult was not having my father with me in the new society that I have encountered. At that time I did not understand the separation between my family; but now I know. My parents sacrificed their lives for me to have opportunities that only America can offer. In a way my parents would be my sources of inspiration. Also I guess that' s why I'm interested in the field of science.

My intended major is pharmacology. I chose pharmacology because I do not want to study to be a doctor; I can't stand blood. But I wanted to do something in the science field and plus the fact that I have always been interested in chemistry and biology. After graduate school I hope to work for the FDA. I know to be successful in the science field would definitely make my parents proud.

I guess my interest in science started when I was a child. I've always liked to mix different substances together and see what happens. In high school I took many science courses; I was always interested and tried my best. When I'm not in school I'm usually in parks in New York City. I love to play sports. I play mostly handball and volleyball. I joined many sport teams in high school, such as track, tennis, and volleyball. However for each sport I was only on the team for a year. I guess one of my flaws is my lack of commitment. I find myself interested in and fascinated by many things but once I got into it I lose interest. But hopefully I can change. The good part is I know I don't feel that way towards science.

Yu Fen (Jen) Hwang
February 2004