High School WISE -- Laser Teaching Center -- Spring 2002

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The Physics Classroom

- Reflection of Light Rays
- Refraction of Light Rays
- Light Waves and Color

Optics in Forensics

- Melles Griot Forensics Tutorial
- Lightning Powder Company
- "Evident" Crime Scene Products
- Using Light to Fight Crime
- Catching the Culprit with Cold Light
- Actual bullet trajectory case
- Forensics Microscope
- Sirchie Finger Print Labs (tape we saw)
- A New Breed of High-Tech Detectives
- Faurot, Inc.

- Topics we discussed on 27 March

Focussing sound and light with a mirror

- Hot spot demonstration
- Famous whispering galleries


- John Donne poem with optical metaphors
(see lines 7,8 and 11).

- Taft College Online Writing Lab

- Absorption of Light in Blood
(red laser = 650 nm)

- Buzzwords from the CSI epidsodes we saw

- JFK assisination testimony