Women in Science and Engineering

Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center

First Meeting - 3 November 2005

Our group today included eight juniors from Port Jefferson, Comsewogue, Mt. Sinai, and Riverhead High Schools, teachers Brett Thompson (Comsewogue physics) and Cindy Callahan (Mt. Sinai bio and forensics), and Azure Hansen, a third-year physics major in the college WISE program.

We started with outdoor activities such as focussing sunlight through various lenses, measuring the size of the light spot reflected from a mirror, and observing the clear blue sky and glass window surfaces through a polarizing filter.

Moving inside, we first checked out ``the pig,'' looked through a fiber optic viewer, and made waves on a spring. Then we talked about people's interests and career goals. The three students from Comsewogue have all ``experienced'' Mr. Thompson's physics course, but no one else has studied physics as yet. Most students hoped to have a career related to medicine or law, but Adrian from Comsewogue aspires to be a high school math teacher.

Other topics discussed were colors of the spectrum .... (more notes to come ...)