Women in Science and Engineering
Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center

First Meeting - 3 October 2002


At our first meeting we first introduced ourselves and talked about our backgrounds and interests. Dr. Noe was lecturing about the WISE website when Victoria was fascinated by the pig(Mirage). We went off on a tangent for the next twenty minutes and learned that it was an optical illusion due to the reflection of the pig on the concave mirrors.

We also pulled out a piece of Alex's gray hair. We were just playing around, but then Dr.Noe suggested that we observe the hair through a laser beam. Through this, we were able to measure the width of the strand of hair.

Some other things that we saw and talked about were: the rainbow glasses, the fish tank, the full length mirror, red and green lasers, and the infrared rays of a TV remote control.

Before leaving the lab, Dr.Noe handed out special Stony Brook notebooks for all of us. We then wrote our names on the covers.

When we finally left the lab to meet up with the rest of the WISE girls, we stopped to look at the bubble.

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