Women in Science and Engineering
Stony Brook Laser Teaching Center

Presentations - 9 January 2003

Our presentation pretty much followed the plan from our last meeting, except that we decided not to try using the actual ripple tank. This was probably a "wise" decision, since the simulated ripple tank worked out just as well, if not better, and anyway we showed some pictures of the real thing.

One person in our group was absent, and some others only arrived just before 7 PM, so Mrs. Bellacera helped out with an introduction and some explanations. The "beat" sounds from the tuning forks were audible to all, and the laser interference patterns were easily visible too. These patterns were created with slits, a handkerchief, some "diffraction tips" from a laser pointer, and the rainbow glasses.

All in all, an exciting day and a very succesful presentation!

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