Hello! My name is Vince Gregoric, and I'm a rising senior at Mount Union College, where I am majoring in Physics and minoring in Mathematics and Music. I hope to continue my education by studying physics in graduate school, and eventually share my love of the subject with others as an undergraduate professor. The main reason I love studying physics is because I am passionately curious about the world around me. As long as I can remember, I've been trying to figure out how things work. Because I am curious about so many things, there are many different topics within the discipline of physics that interest me. After taking an optics course, I became very interested in the operation of lasers. My interest in lasers has brought me to the Laser Teaching Center, and I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge over the summer.

Besides physics, I am very passionate about music. Although I really enjoy listening to music, there is nothing like performing it yourself. I play the guitar, trumpet, and piano, as well as sing, and I perform in many different ensembles at Mount Union, including the marching band, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, Trumpet Ensemble, and the Mount Union College Choir. I also love to learn about acoustics because it combines my two biggest passions. There are many similarities between sound and light, which perhaps explains why optics interests me so much.

I also like to stay active within my major, and serve as president of Sigma Pi Sigma and the Society of Physics Students. Within these organizations, one of our main goals is to host events designed to make physics accessible to the campus community. In addition, I serve as a lab assistant for the General Physics classes, which gives me an opportunity to share my knowledge and passion with others. Besides being involved in SPS and the lab, I have represented our department by giving a presentation at SCHOLAR Day, an annual event at Mount Union where students (mainly seniors) can showcase their academic work. My presentation was an extention of my final project for FORTRAN class, in which I designed a computer simulation of colliding galaxies. I really enjoyed working on this project, and am still making modifications to my program in the hopes of applying it to a study of actual galaxies undergoing collision.