HTML Templates

Here are templates for your webpage building needs at the Laser Teaching Center. Use right click + save as in order to download or you could use wget.


When making a basic webpage, you have two files: the .html file(s) containing your actual document with coding and all the text and the .css file (cascading style sheet) containing all the instructions for the design of your webpage. All the structure and content is defined in the HTML files and the appearance of the structures and contents is determined by the rules in the .css file. What's convenient about this is all the .html files will point to a single .css file so it's a simple task to alter the appearance of all the webpages at once. In the .html file itself, it is also possible to define styles but the capability to alter all the webpages at once is lost.

Since the stylesheet contains important information such as the colors of your site, the font styles and sizes, and so on, it is important that the webpage and the stylesheet do not lose each other. Each .html page must point to the stylesheet. This information is found in the header section of every .html file. When .html files move around, it is important that the link path to the stylesheet is also changed. Few examples:

  1. The style.css file is in the same folder as your .html file. All you have to type in the link is style.css
  2. The style.css file is in the directory above the one your .html file is in. Point your link to "../style.css". "../" refers to the folder above in the directory.

The files themselves have comments in them that won't show up in a web browser. They contain notes that may be helpful. There are several places in each template that names and other information are needed such as the name that in appears in the title bar of the website and the footer.

Helpful Weblinks

If you are interested in learning more about HTML and CSS, is a good introductory site. There is a lot more that you add onto a website. My knowledge is still rather basic and I use these as a reference.

Victor Zhao
June 2008
Laser Teaching Center