About Me

I am from Beijing, China but left China when I was three. My family moved to Canada in steps, my father arriving first. After three years in Canada, I came to Long Island when I was six. My father worked as a postdoc trapping francium in the Physics Department while my mother studied for her Master's here at Stony Brook. Science, finding out about the world, has always been a major interest of my life.

My family has stayed in the community surrounding Stony Brook University since we moved here. I will be a senior next year at Ward Melville High School and am a part of the InSTAR research program there that encourages students to perform their own scientific research. Because my father used to work in the Physics Department, physics was truly the first kind of science I was introduced to. After completing a year in AP Physics—quite possibly the most difficult class at Melville—I wanted to do some research in physics. I was glad to find the Laser Teaching Center, which is a great learning environment.

I've run Track and Cross-Country in school and I play violin in the school orchestra. Next year, I hope to see Ward Melville's Science Olympiad team reach the national competition; we have been painfully close these last two years, only one place shy of our goal at the state level.

Among other things, I have built two computers and I am familiar with the basics of Linux. My own computer runs both Windows and Ubuntu Linux. I also know a bit of HTML and CSS which I hope to put to use at the Laser Teaching Center. Working here will teach me more than I have ever learned about physics—so here's to a great summer!

Victor Zhao
June 2008
Laser Teaching Center