Thien An Nguyen
20, February 15th
Stony Brook University - Undergraduate

There is never enough time in this world to learn. Everyday something new is discovered. And every second we are trying to catch up to the present world of knowledge. It is like the speed of light, glorious and undoubtedly unmatchable.

I don't have too many favorite things in life, or at all for that matter. I do happen to like many things though.

Lime green and tasty lemons,
Salad on a field of green on a sunny day.
Lots and lots of light,
Matter and particle, so vibrant!
Oh the glorious physics!

At the current moment, I am doing some studies on Fabry-Perot Resonantors and hope to continue on other physics related projects in the future. I am fascinated by the properties of waves, and at the same time am greatly curious about the particle-like properties in light. Hopefully, someday, I'll be able to understand "what's the matter with light."


Thien An
May 2007
Laser Teaching Center