I am entering my senior year as a physics and math double major at Principia College in Illinois. While in college, I have been actively involved in our school's solar car team. With the solar car team I have participated in a race from Austin, Texas, to Calgary, Alberta last summer and will be competing with the team in the World Solar Rally in Taiwan this September. Working on the solar car has been a great asset to my education, supplementing my physics and math education with hands-on engineering experience. I also have worked in our school's observatory as the student telescope manager. I have always loved astronomy, and working in the observatory has been a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the night sky and even participate in some astronomy research. Educationally, I would like to continue my physics education in graduate school, ultimately receiving a PhD in applied physics. When I am not at school, I spend some time at home, in Houston, Texas, but also take any excuse I can find to travel. My hobbies include backpacking, rock climbing, and sailing. I am thrilled to be  on Long Island this summer, close to both the ocean and mountains. At Stony Brook, I am looking forward to expanding my physics education.

Stephanie Golmon
June 2006
Laser Teaching Center