My name is Simone Agha, and I am technically a senior at Herricks High School [the senior class of 2007 just graduated]. I like to think of myself as a science geek with a particular interest in physics despite my lack of any concrete physics knowledge. Ironically, I went through a genetics phase in middle school when my fondest ambition was to be a genetic engineer. I would read books, including the quirky and informative, "Cartooning Guide to Genetics" and participate in various science experiments in school. One memorable science fair project was when my friend and I tested the effects of color on appetite. Despite the fact that red is much more appealing to eaters than blue, our test subjects flummoxed us by consistently preferring the blue cookies. Middle-schoolers, it seems, prefer outrageously colored foods.

Actually, my love of science goes back to before middle school started. In elementary school, I read the entire astronomy section of the school library [which only consisted of a shelf of nicely illustrated hardcover books] and would contemplate much on how the constellations made up the pictures they were named for. Apparently, my imagination is ill-suited for "connect-the-dots" because I'm still marveling over how the "Big Dipper" looks like a bear. Currently, my fondest ambition is to become a physicist, and this summer I am doing research in the Laser Teaching Center under the instruction of Dr. Noe as part of the Simons Fellowship Program. I do not know what my project will be particularly, but I know that it will be exciting and a great learning experience.

When not in school, I love to read and draw. I have been painting and sketching since I was in first grade and just insisted that I needed to use that particularly colored crayon. I still am picky about the paints I use, but I have been learning much more about figure drawing. It is a very technical process, and studying it has made me appreciate even more the ability of the masters. I also am part of my high school's Symphonic band [I play the flute] and am a member of my school's model congress. Unfortunately, since I do not know much about politics, I find myself debating bills in the Space, Science, and Technology committee at foreign congresses.

I am eagerly anticipating the start of the summer, not because I have a reprieve from English and History essays, but because I can really pursue my interest in physics. I suppose I will be updating this webpage regularly which will be interesting because I know next to nothing about computer coding [was that even the proper way of terming it?].

Simone Agha
June 2007