About Me

My name is Sage Farrar and I am from Mystic, Connecticut. I attend the Fishers Island School on Fishers Island, NY. It is a public school but it's tiny. This fall I will be a senior along with five other students. The island is seven or eight miles long, (I've heard both), and only two miles wide at the widest point. There are about 300 year round island residents, accounting for the small class sizes. Academically the school is great. The individual attention and opportunites that arise give the school its unique atmosphere.

This summer I am doing research at SUNY Stony Brook in the Laser Teaching Center with Dr. Noe and Dr. Metcalf. Right now I am exploring many different areas in optics in order to find out what project I want to explore.

As much as I like Physics and Math I do things for fun as well. I love sports. During the summer I race 420s, a boat, competitively in Long Island Sound. Sailing is in the blood because my dad is a sailmaker, and my brother is on the US Sailing Team. They are training for the Olympics right now. During the fall I coach a soccer team for Groton Parks & Rec. My team consists of students grades 5-7. During the winter I play basketball for school, but on the weekends I coach skiing at Sugarbush, in VT. It's a great job- I get paid to ski! It's a good deal. During the spring I'm involved in our school musical because our choices at school is that or golf, and let me tell you I am no golfer. Why do golfers wear two pairs of pants?? In case they get a hole in one! Hahaha get it?? I have a great sense of humor, I think everything is funny. I tell jokes all the time, like the ones from the popsicle sticks- hahah they're great!

This summer is going to be a new, and challenging experience for me. I have never done something quite like this before. I am nervous and scared, but I think everyone here is to some degree. We'll see what happens and I will try to regularly update my journal to keep you posted.