Guides for Those Just Starting in the LTC

A Beginner's Guide to Linux

In the LTC, Linux is used to maintain student websites. This guide is designed for Linux newbies who need help maintaining their website.

Keeping a Lab Notebook and Research Journal

All LTC student researchers are expected to maintain a lab notebook and research journal. This guide covers the importance and content of each.

More Specialized Guides

Guide to Cleaning Lenses and Mirrors

This guide details Marty Cohen's method for cleaning lenses and mirrors, which should be read before attempting to clean any optics.

More Generalized Guides

A Beginner's Guide to Matlab

Matlab is powerful computational and visualization tool which is widely used in physics. This guide is designed for those who are new to Matlab, but have some basic understanding of computer languages.

LaTex for the Horrified

LaTex is an extremely useful tool for any undergraduate physics major. If you don't want to download LaTex, I suggest using, an online LaTex editor. The website has been extremely reliable for me and I use it to type up all of my lab reports.This guide includes some basic LaTex commands.

"Keeping a Lab Notebook and Research Journal" and "Guide to Cleaning Lenses and Mirrors" were written by Melia Bonomo, all other guides were written by Rachel Sampson.