Periodicals Research Method
at SUNY - Stony Brook

  • Go to the Science and Engineering Library located on the ground floor in the west-most wing of the main Library.
  • Click on "Stars" USB catalog. A list appears of all the different databases one can access. Number 1 is SUNY at Stony Brook's periodicals database.
  • Type #1. One is given a list of options to find the periodical or journal one is looking for. One can use the journal title, the author's name, a keyword, etc. . .
  • Type in the appropriate information. Find the call number if the desired periodical or journal. By typing "hol 1" the computer will display which libraries on campus have the named periodical.
    Note: All periodicals and journals are either in their current form or are bound, ie: they are never in microfiche or microfilm form.

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