Web Links

Useful Physics Sites:

-Thesis on Rubidium MOTs.

-Metcalf Research Group. My group.

- HyperPhysics. This is a great introduction to just about everything physics.

-Physics Today

- A clickable Periodic Table of Elements

-Simple tutorial on Laser Cooling

- MadSci Network represents a collective cranium of scientists providing answers to your questions.

Optical Components Manufacturers

- Thorlabs

- Esco Products Inc. Optical Components.

- CVI Laser Corporation

- VLOC subsidiary of II-VI incorporated

- Lambda Research Optics

- Newport Optics

- OFR Optics For Research

- Rolyn Optics for Industry

- Coherent Optics

- Linos

- Schott Glass Company. Very large Manufacturer of Optical Glass.

- Schott Glass Information. A very convenient clickable chart where you can find the transmittance and index of refraction for different wavelengths of any optical glass type manufactured by Schott.

- Edmund Industrial Optics

- Melles Griot

- Melles Griot Optics Guide. Great tutorial

Sites related to Diode Lasers

- Azmoun-Metz Report


- Diode Laser-Based Atomic Physics Research at an Undergraduate Institution

Sharron K. Mayer, Department of Physics, Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA

- Laser Diodes for Atomic Physics

This site gives detailed information on which commercial diodes work in atomic physics and how to order them. It also gives machine drawings for a mount that can used to set up a tuneable external cavity diode laser.

Sites related to Atom Traps:

- Bryn Mawr College Research Group

- Theory of Optical Molasses

Non Physics Sites:

-Google. Don't surf the web without it.

-WNYC.org, New York Public Radio


- The Sims Homepage

- New Jersey Devils Homepage

- aol.com

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