Friday afternoon lab clean up

every friday after lunch until around 4pm

  • Each student should first work on cleaning up around his/her individual table space, which includes:

    • Putting away extra pieces that may have accumulated (e.g. posts, post holders, screws, etc)

    • Making sure that delicate optics that aren't immediately being used (e.g. lenses, wave plates, polarizers, etc) are either put away / covered / placed somewhere safe.

  • Oftentimes students may clear off a section of their table in order to make space for their own project.

    • A place should be found for the things that were temporarily moved aside so that nothing gets lost / broken.

    • If there were pieces that were part of a previous student's project, those can be packed away into boxes and labeled.

  • Other general cleaning tasks include:

    • Sweeping the floors, especially to pick up loose screws, washers, etc.

    • Organizing the electronics desks (e.g. putting away loose resistors, connectors, wires, etc) and demo tables

    • Cleaning lenses in the lens box and other special optics that need it

    • General neatening up and organizing of loose papers / books / magazines

    • Putting up posters