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An organized list of various colloquia held in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Stony Brook University from Spring 2005 - Spring 2013. This includes abstracts, videos of the presentations, and links to read more about each speaker.

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Estimation problems

An introduction to spatial light modulators

I discuss general uses for spatial light modulators as well as take a more in depth look at how electrooptical liquid crystal SLMs work. There are also descriptions of two example models: an optically-addressed parallel-aligned nematic LCOS and an electrically-addressed twisted nematic LCD.

Diffraction through a square aperture

Rachel and I completed a mini project in which we studied the diffraction pattern through a square aperture, figured out the distance to the Fraunhofer zone, and compared a calculation of the location of the first maximum in the pattern to our experimental observations.

CCD vs. CMOS cameras