Tunable Acoustic Gradient Index of Refraction Lens (TAG)

A TAG lens can create a Bessel beam. How does it work? The TAG is a cylindical cavity with a piezoelectric ring around it to generate an acoustic wave. Within the lens, there is a fluid, thus the presence of the wave changes its density and, in turn, its refractive index. This change causes the laser beam to create Bessel pattern. I really would like to try this out. I wonder how much this stuff costs...

Acoustic Vortex

I just recently came across this on July 7th 2012. I found a relatively complex article on acoustic vortices tranferring their orbital angular momentum to optical vortices. Currently, I am looking at the references to find something that may spark the beginning of a project.


I just got a strange idea to make a hologram of a mirror or even a lens, then use it in an actual experimental setup. I wonder what type of problems would ensue...

Optical Vortices through Optical Fibers

Marty Cohen has expressed his interest on this topic, and it also had me asking a few questions. What happens to a vortex's spin when it is transmitted through an optical fiber? Does the change depend on the orientation of the fiber itself? What happens when one uses a single-mode fiber? A multi-mode fiber? Fiber optics is already an important way of communication, but can optical vortices help to relay information better?

Measuring the Radiation Pressure of an Optical Vortex (with Optical Fibers?)

I really would like to do a project with both optical fibers and vortices. Incident light exerts a force on surfaces and is defined by radiation pressure. My interests were sparked with this article. After reading this, I then found another article on using optical fibers as sensor for pressure based on photoelasticity. I have no idea if this is even practical to measure such a thing, but I would like to try!