I came to Stony Brook University this fall from my home in upstate New York. One of my main reasons for coming to Stony Brook was the Women in Science and Engineering program (WISE). This is a program aimed at involving more women in the sciences, and they provide many things that are beneficial to the college experience. My decision was also influenced by the fact that Stony Brook is a nationally acclaimed school with a very strong physics program.

When I came to Stony Brook, I intended to pursue a double major with physics and music. I am very sure that I will stay with physics, but I might pursue the jazz studies minor instead of the music major, as the major does not seem to have exactly what I am looking for. This semester I am taking Calculus I, Classical Physics I, Introduction to Music, Choir, and World Politics. No matter which majors/minors I decide to pursue, I am going to do more than one, so my schedule will probably be even busier than this in future semesters.

I will be working in the Laser Teaching Center this semester as a Laboratory Assistant. I will be doing a variety of things in the lab, but generally making it more organized and able to function better and more efficiently.

Liz Roberts
October 2002
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