I come from Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province in southeast China. I am here now in Stony Brook in pursuit of my Ph.D. degree in physics. I'm really satisfied with the research environment in Stony Brook, because I found so many talented and passionate professors and staffs here. It's really exciting for me to have the opportunity to work with them.

I'm interested in the kind of research related to energy-saving, which I believe should rank among the most important goals of natural science research. Humankind has committed too many felonies to nature during its own evolution process. I hope my lifetime job can focus on exploring novel clean energy and developing high-efficiency devices, and in this way at least make some positive personal efforts.

Mathematics is tool for all branches of natural science, while physics, I believe, is root of all. I chose physics as my major because past achievements in this field, especially the discovery of electrical energy, superconductivity, development of semiconductor, integrated circuit and laser, bring me full of hope. Surely people will keeping on finding new solutions in the near future, perhaps in nano-related area, or in bringing quantum information energy to practical use, or most probably, in anywhere else not figured out explicitly yet. And I will feel very proud of myself if I can finally be one of these pioneers.

I'm currently on the road of my dream. Since it's the first year for my Ph.D., I'm still in the process of sampling as many different fields as I can, via attending seminars, taking experimental courses, reading review articles, and so on. I'm sure I will finally find a best direction in accordance with my goal by the end of 2005, and then start working on it.

Lei Huang
March 2005
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