Important Sites relating to Holography:

- Amateur Holography

- Vibrational Holography Research at Stetson University

- Three Dimensional Imagery's Hologram Production Lab

Important Sites relating to Sonoluminescence:

- Various Sonoluminesence Links

- The Virtual Sonoluminescence Symposium


- Dustin H. Froula's research on Sonoluminescence

- A Research Abstract by a Student from Westmoore High School

- PhysicsWeb

- Popular Mechanics Article

- Sonoluminescence Links Provided By The Laser Teaching Center

- Sonochemistry, has media.

Important Sites relating to Light Diffusion:

- The Diffusing Light Website

- KSU Physics Education Group

- Laser Light Scattering

- Study of diffusion through Light Scattering

- PhysicsWeb article on Light Diffusion

Important Sites Relating to Liquid Crystals:

- What are Liquid Crystals?

- Introduction to Liquid Crystals

- Liquid Crystal Acoustics