The Moire Phenomenon:

-A definition of Moire topography, which is commonly used to study the body.
-A paper on "The developement and present status of Moire topography", which includes nice illustrations and pictures can be found here, and viewed in pdf form.
- Fun Moire applets - Radial and linear pattern gratings that the user can manipulate to see Moire phenomena.


-More Applets -This website gives a very basic description of many types of microscopy, and includes nice applets at the bottom of the page
-The Olympus website includes a nice description of a basic microscope and confocal microscopy

Abbe's Theory:

-Short Bibliography of Ernst Abbe and an introduction to the Abbe limit of resolution
-An explanation of periodic diffraction and imaging from Abbe's theory

Useful Sites for writing html and css code

-css commands

Information on Women in Physics

-An article on the equity for women in physics

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