About Me

My name is Jon Wu and I attend Great Neck South High School in (surprise) Great Neck, New York. Unfortunately, the location and operation of my school aren't quite as interesting as those of other Simons Fellows (Sage Farrar comes to mind). Nevertheless, GNS has been a unique, albeit mundane, place which holds an integral part in developing my interest for science and research.

This summer I am working at the Laser Teaching Center at Stony Brook University under the guidance of Drs. Metcalf and Noé. Between learning more optics and attending seminars held by the many professors from on campus and off, I am probing different areas that interest me. Despite my background and involvement in physics, optics, a field of science that manifests itself in everything we do (our perception of the world is based mainly on sight after all) is something I have never had much of a chance to explore.

Although I've devoted myself to only one science - physics - for the past two years in my scholarly pursuits, my other passions include tennis, pool, and helping in the renovation of our house. This summer I am also looking forward to entering my senior year at GNS, and departing the Laser Teaching Center with experience I'll use in the very near future in college.

Jon Wu
July 2004
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