I have lived my entire life in West Hempstead, NY, a town about an hour away from Stony Brook. I am a lifer at the Waldorf School of Garden City, having attended the school since kindergarten. I have always loved to create and explore, flipping over rocks to find insects, reading books about minerals, and woodworking as a young child. My interest in physics and engineering was first sparked in the seventh grade when my teacher showed me an electric motor and suggested I explore the theory and build one myself. I have been tinkering and building ever since, tackling projects such as an interactive fencing target, a line-following robot and most recently a CNC router.

The summer after my sophomore year, I attended physics classes at Adelphi, a university neighboring my school. This past fall I took Analog Circuits, my first formal course in electrical engineering at Adelphi University, and I was also able to start research in optics with Dr. Bentley, an Adelphi professor.I believe that pursuing science and engineering can be practical, can give our lives meaning and can also be a lot of fun.

Outside of academics, I spend a great deal of time fencing. I started fencing when I was ten years old and have competed nationally, and even refereed, for several years. I also tutor students at my school, primarily in math and physics.

I hope to pursue a career in physics or engineering research. Although I have had some research experience, Simons is my first chance to engage in full-time research. I believe this will be a great opportunity gain experience in my field of interest and to meet like-minded individuals.