Education and Training in Optics and Photonics (ETOP)

ETOP describes itself as ``the single international conference dedicated to the exchange of ideas and experiences related to education and training in optics and photonics.'' Meetings are every two years, and have been at a wide range of locations around the world. The meetings are sponsored by SPIE and SPIE makes the proceedings freely available (see below).

I attended the 2003 ETOP meeting in Tucson, Arizona, which was co-located with the FiO/DLS meeting that year. The high point of ETOP 2003 was hearing Michael Berry for the first time, and a related conversation with the late Tony Siegman.

I did not attend ETOP 2005 in Marseilles, France, but I was a full participant in the June 2007 meeting in Ottawa, Canada, with two talks and a poster. Papers from these three conference submissions are posted below. The first paper is a general overview of the history, layout and educational philosophy of our Laser Teaching Center, while the other two papers describe projects done with our students.

-- About ETOP, with links to conference papers.

LTC overview paper (.pdf)
-- Creative projects paper (.pdf)
-- Mirage toy paper (.pdf)

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