Reference Sites

Starting of the Project...

  • WISE 187 Group

    What's WISE?

  • WISE Homepage

    Now you know what WISE is, wanna see my WISE work?

  • WISE Report

    In case you miss the bottum part of my report, I have some cool links on the pages while I was doing the WISE report.

    Extending of this project starting from this article...

  • Glow and Behold

    This is the article I was working with and it contains a lot informations about phosphorescence, then I started to work on this project further during the summer. I update my journal in daily basis, so you can check my my progress of this project.

  • My Summer Research Journal

    As I was doing some research on related topics on phosphorescence. I found a lot good websites(Well...At least I think so) So, if you are interested in, you can take look at those websites, too. I am sure most of the websites are useful, and interesting to look at; even if you don't find it inetersting, at least, you gain some knowledge from the sites. ~^_^~

    Helpful websites on physics

    Helpful websites on physical mathmetics

    Helpful websites on HTML

    People Working With Me

  • Dr. John Noe
  • Dr. Harold Metcalf

    Jill's Home

    Found any more interesting websites? Or want to make a suggestion? E-mail to me at