Who is Jill?

I am currently an undergraduate student in Stony Brook University. My major is Computer Engineering, and I am thinking about doing a minor or doing a double major in something else. It may be computer science or mechanical engineering or a science related subject(Most likely astronomy). I enjoy working in the lab, but I often face the problem that I don't have enough physics knowledge to do the research, but I guess part of the purpose on research is to learn as much as possible wheile working with people who have experiences in the lab and also people who have more than emough knowldge to answer my question. I got into the research lab through WISE 187 course the spring semester of 2002, it was an excellent course, and I was in the Laser and Optics rotation, which I liked a lot. I am not a physics major, and I only have a little knowledge about physics, but I would like to learn more (especially about lasers and optics)in this research.

If you want to know more about me, you can look at my little autobiography for my WISE rotation Laser Teaching Center WISE page. I am working on my personal webpage right now, it's called "Milkycookie's Home". Hopefully, it will come out nice, and I will also make a link on this page. If you have any questions or if you are interested in my project, you are welcome to contact me through my e-mail (because it's the fastest way to contact with me).

E-Mail me:milkycookie@doramail.com