Refraction Across the Web

Laws of Refraction:

1. Derivation of Snell's Law

2. Refraction of Light

Simple Refraction Measurement Methods:

1. A Tank Method Version

2. Online Physics Lab

Great Web Demos:

1. Image from rays of refraction or total internal reflection

2. Prism Applet

Refractometry, Ways to Measure Indexes of Refraction:

1. Principles of Refractometers

2. Great Description of the Abbe Method

3. Lasers, Polarization and Refraction

4. Refractometers

Do It Yourself Experiments:

1. Do It Yourself Experiments on Mirages

2. Exploratorium: Science Snacks about Refraction

3. Interesting Demo from How Stuff Works

Applications in Industry:

1. Refraction Index Measurements Perk Up Petrol Profits

2. GRIN lenses: SELFOC

Real Life Refraction!!

See it in Nature:

1. Mirages in Finland

2. All About Rainbows