Jennifer Marie Nierer:

Blossoming Scientist

I am currently a Stony Brook University undergraduate. I am a physics major with an interest in many fields of science. I enjoy participating in the process of research and try to take advantage of the many Stony Brook opportunities in research. I have been studying at the Laser and Optics Center since February 2002. Check out my websites which give descriptions of all the work I have done here thus far.

I am also a proud graduate of Brooklyn Technical High School. My plans for the future are to continue in a field of science doing interesting research. In time I plan to earn a PhD. I would particularly like to be able to do research with young students. I think that they always have a lot more imagination and their curiosity to things is fundamental to the advancements in science. I would espeically love to encourage more girls to try the challenges of science just like I have been encouraged.

I am also currently a member of an organization at Stony Brook University called Women in Science and Engineering (WISE). It was through this program that I first became familiar with the Laser Center. WISE Presentations. With the project that I developed during the Spring 2002 Semester, I made a presentation at the Celebration of Undergratuate Achievements.

So far I have found working at the Laser Center to be a great learning experience. Learning how to research and learn on your own without the aid of a classroom guidance is an achievement in itself. It is also a lot of fun. There are plenty of great demonstrations going on that learning about stuff beyond your topic helps widen ranges of thinking.

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