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So I was born in Dachau, Germany, some 23 years ago. My parents chose to move to Ingolstadt and that's were I spent most of my life. Now what's special about this city except of it's closeness to the Bavarian capital Munich (which should be known to most of you as the Oktoberfest-city)? Well, we're proud to produce a famous make of cars, namely Audi, which is also the biggest employer of the region (30.000 employees). Besides, Ingolstadt has a flourishing music scene and the support for amateur bands and beginning professionals is huge. There are many smaller festivals during the summer in the vicinity and even bigger ones not far away (like Rock im Park in Nürnberg). At least, since we are located in Bavaria, we have a lot of smaller breweries around and there are as many tastes as cottages.

Now you know some of my influences, which explain non-university activities like guitar playing (by the way, I'm always looking for rockers to make a jam session!!), but not how it happened, that I started studying physics. Originally, I preferred medicine and therefore passed my civilian service at the hospital of Ingolstadt. During the year, I somehow changed my mind and since time was running out, I chose the first thing that came into my mind - physics. I didn't have to worry about the place, though - this has always been determined: Würzburg (although in Bavaria, they drink mostly wine there...). This city has been almost completely destroyed in WW2, but was partly rebuilt and renovated and is one of the most beautiful bigger cities of Bavaria. The department of physics of the University of Würzburg has some sort of exchange program with american and european Universities running. This gave me the chance to come to Stony Brook for one year as a master student. I primarily work with Prof. Jacobsen from the X-ray optics group on the scanning transmission x-ray microscope at BNL. What are my plans for the future? I don't know...

Jan Steinbrener
j.steinbrener (at) web.de
October/November 2004
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