I have lived on the North Fork of Long Island my entire life. I attended Mattituck High School, where I struggled in math classes and even dropped physics because I thought the math was to hard. When it was time to attend college I decided to major in Business, a subject I had always done well in mainly because of my interest in the Stock Market. But I soon found a majority of it very boring and spent much of my time reading about random topics in physics (Lamb Shift, Pair Production ,and laser cooling) which did not help my grades in the business courses. Every thing changed when I took a college Trig course required for the business major. My Professor, Prof. David Nolan , had a style of teaching that made me understand the material and gave me self confidence in my ability to do math. I aced the class and decided to take a physics course at Stony Brook the following semester. Though my academic career has been filled with many ups and downs I am now a senior here at Stony Brook majoring in Physics and Mathmatics. I intend to continue my research here at the Laser Teaching Center until I graduate in Spring 2004. At that point I hope to contine my studies in physics by attending graduate school.

James Scholtz
Fall 2003
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