My name is Huijie Miao. I am from Shanghai, China. Shanghai is one of the biggest cities in China. It is the economy center of the country. I like Shanghai. Before I came to Stony Brook, I hardly left Shanghai. I finished my undergraduate study in the Department of Physics, Fudan University. Fudan is not as large as Stony Brook. But it is beautiful. I had a really good time there.


I made a hand in the field of Organic Light Emitting Devices in my undergraduate years. I worked in a Clean Room for a whole summer vacation. And I tried MBE to grow organic layers on the ITO glasses. The material we used is Alq3, which emits blue light. I am interested in the area. I hope I can further my study in the condensed matter group in Stony Brook. 


Actually, I am interested in trying new things. My undergraduate thesis was done in a biophysics group. I used several different wavelength lasers inducing to the blood of mice and also of human beings. Then I studied the mechanic properties of the red blood cells affected by the laser. And now, I tried to do some something related to the optics. This semester, I chose the Optics Rotation. The first half semester I studied in the Laser Teaching Center, and my project is about the single mode fiber. In the rest of the semester, I will do some experiment in Prof. Weinacht’s lab. Hopefully, I will make a hand in photodiode. Since I have no experience in this area before, it seems challenging to me. However, I like the challenge, it makes life even more beautiful.