Sites relating to Soap Films and Fluid Dynamics:

1. Maarten Rutgers work on Soap Films. Contains basic information on soap films and setting up a soap film device. Shows Rutgers work at University of Pittsburgh.

Journal Articles by Rutgers and colleagues: 2. Study of Soap Films at Los Alamos National Laboratory
3. Soap Film Graphics. Includes a diagram of surfactant soap molecules.
4. Flexible Filaments in a Flowing Soap Film. Jun Zhang's work at NYU with soap films and flowing filaments which simulate flapping flags.
5. Lighting a Soap Film
6. Two-dimensional turbulence: A review of some recent experiments
7. Giant Soap Film Experiment
8. Invisible Science of Fluid Flow: The Matched Index of Refraction Flow System
9. Surfactant Soap Molecules and Soap Films
10. Surfing the Net with Kids: Bubbles

Sites Relating to Interference Patterns in Thin Films:

1. Color, Thin Films, and Interference
2. Thin Films
3. Thin Film Interference
4. Soap Film Thickness Calculator
5. Get Green: Fun with Thin Film Interference.
6. Interference In Large Soap Film - Sodium And White Light
7. Multi-spectral Determination of Soap Film Thickness

Sites relating to Low Pressure Sodium Lamps:

1. The Low Pressure Sodium Lamp
2. Low Pressure Sodium Lamps

Sites Relating to Von Karman Vortices and Vortex Shedding:

1. Von Karman Vortex Street Near Guadalupe Island
2. Vortices in Earth's Atmosphere
3. Von Karman Vortex Street in Broutona
4. Von Karman Vortex Street near the Canary Islands or Vortex Stream at Canary Islands
5. Von Karman Vortices near Japan
6. Vortex Street in the Arctic near Jan Mayen Island
7. Vortex Street over Alejandro Selkirk Island
8. Biography of Theodore von Karman
9. Various views of von Karman vortices
10. NASA Eyes Intricate Pattern on Cloud Street
11. Dangerous Wake: Wing Vortices yield a deadly secret, abstract of article on this topic: Model of the effect of wind shear on aircraft trailing vortices

Sites relating to Laser Doppler Velocimetry (Laser Doppler Anemometry):

1. Laser Doppler Velocimetry
2. Laser Doppler Velocimetry Technique
3. Fluid Mechanics Research Equipment - LDV
4. Laser Doppler Anemometry Technique
5. Backscatter LDA diagram or Fiber Optic LDA Diagram
6. Mini LDV
7. Laser Doppler Velocimeter
8. In-line fibre-optic laser Doppler velocimetry
9. FREE LDA Posters from: Dantec Dynamics

Journal Article Searches:

1. Science Direct
2. Ingenta
3. SUNY Stony Brook Electronic Journal Collections. or Stony Brook Electronic Journals

Other sites:

1. Simons Fellowship
2. South Side High School
3. Trail's End Camp