I was born in Virginia but after several different moves around the world ended up in Idaho. As a kid I was actually more interested in the arts:writing, dancing, singing, and acting. However, around age 11 I started to discover my love of math when I began to learn algebra, geometry, and trigonometry from my older brother during the summers. The logic of math and the definitiveness of its solutions really appealed to me. Once I reached high school I was introduced to physics, and after exploring my options in college I decided that physics was my ideal career because it uses my love of math without becoming too abstract. I like feeling as though my work has some real purpose or meaning. I am still interested in the arts and, therefore, I am majoring in English and taking ballet courses in addition to my physics major and math minor. I am currently attending Duke University and will be applying to graduate school in the fall.

Heather Hill
Summer 2010
Laser Teaching Center