Hamsa's List of Potential Ideas

0. Optical Tweezers

Tweezing to sort by index of refraction after ray traces for cancerous and non-cancerous cells

Tweezing to trap hollow particles using singularities between optical vortices

Create array of optical vortices for simultaneous trapping of particles

Measurement of optical vortices' orbital angular momentum through tweezing

Use power spectrum method (quadrant diode, Langiver Equation, etc.) or flow method or video taping method to accurately calculate drag velocity

1. Circles of Light

There have been strange sightings of light circles in Western nations. They appear on buildings with strange designs such as x's. They have caused much religious stir among the masses but apparently, they are only the products of reflection from windows that are slightly concave and the designs appear because of the fluctuations in the glass caused by the hinges on the window pane.


-- Examples of circles of light

-- Explanation writted by Italian skeptic group (CICAP)

2. Optical Vortices

Check out my journal entry on July 10th for my thoughts on this topic!


-- Good introduction

-- Nice pictures and overview on how optical vortices are created.

-- Orbital angular momentum pictues and explanation of changing electric field.

-- Project ideas involving orbital angular momentum and optical vortices.

-- Transfer of data using optical vortices.

-- Introduction to optical vortices paper that I talked about in my journal entry for July 10th.

-- Paper written to setup and analyze a simple model for orbital angular momentum. (A little beyond my level right now but hopefully that will change soon!! =)