Sites of Interest

Slashdot Quantum Computers*
Diffraction of Gaussian Laser Beams* Mathematical Explanation of Gaussian Modes
Gaussian Beams* Introduction to Gaussian Beams
Article on Light Traveling Faster Than c About Index of Refraction
Experimental Evidence of n<0* Light Traveling at Speeds Exceeding c*
Set Wave Parameters$ Description of F-Center*
Point Defects LiF Analysis with F-Centers
Description of Point Defects* Site on Photocells
Solar Cell Photovoltaic Effect
A More Analytical Approach to the Photovoltaic Effect* Another Explanation of the Photovoltaic Effect
Laser Neural Network Another Idea for an Optical Neural Network*
F-Center Lasers Quantum Description of F-Centers with OH- Defects
F-Centers in MgO* F-Center Imaging
National Nanofabrication Users Network Study of F-Center Imaging*
F-Centers in CsI F-Centers with Possible Explanation
Color Centers in Amythest Explanation of Colors in Minerals
First-Principles Calculations of the Self-Trapped Exciton in NaCl About Optically Stimulated Luminescence
RHIC Homepage LaTex Refence
Reuven Chen's Papers (Including Luminescence) Information on Al2O3
Experimental Design for Al2O3:C Experiment gnuplot Reference

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$Contains Java Binary