Thoughts & Ideas

With regards to urban planning, I wonder if it would be possible to harness the energy of revolving doors. It would require a large gear and in a single turn would probably yield a small amount of energy but think of what would happen over 50 years of constant use 24/7.

It amazes me that as architectural design has progressed throughout the history of man, some planners do not build homes to be sustainable. All it takes is to build a large glass wall that faces the sun (Southern facing for Northern hemisphere and vise-versa in the Southern Hemisphere). If the height is designed carefully so the summer Sun is not directly incident throughout the wall then the home is heated in the winter (lower Sun height) and heated in the summer.

Recently I have been driving more at night, often on my way home from campus. Every time I am driving in the left lane I notice how I am blinded by the lights from the cars in the oncoming lanes. It is a significant effect such that I have a hard time seeing where the median is. My thought is to create some material surface that serves as a light absorber. When I look into this topic online I find that the technology for this has not really been created. Most of the applications deal with attenuation which is the gradual loss of intensity of any kind of flux through a medium. These applications deal with a loss due to certain physical phenomena such as the rate at which the light signal decreases in intensity in optical fibers due to diffuse reflection. But nothing I can find seems to purposely attenuate the specific flux, in my case the electromagnetic waves of light. For said product to be useful it has to come at a cheap cost since you need miles of it for all medians. Meaning it can't be any expensive material that holds such properties.