Laser Mode

Dan Li

SUNY at Stony Brook
Optics Rotation Project 1, Fall 2002

Advisor: Dr. John Noe

1. Introduction

In my project I consider the properties associated with the optical cavity of a laser that has mirrors located gain medium. These properties, which will be related to cavity modes, play a significant role in determining the output characteristics of the laser mode.

First I will explain the features of the helium-neon laser. Then I will discuss the longitudional modes and transverse modes.

2. How the Helium-Neon Laser Works?

3. Longitudinal Modes

4. Transverse Modes


I am very appreciated for Dr. John Noe and for his comprhensive instruction and generous help, both for the physics and the webpage. Many thanks to him for helping me make the experimental set-ups and teaching me a lot of things about the laser. In his lab, I enjoy a lot from laser.


1.William T.Silfvast, 'Laser Fundamentals',Cambridge University Press 1996