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Hi, my name is Danielle and I am going to be a senior next year at Paul D. Schreiber High School in Port Washington. At my school I am involved in the math resarch program. Math and Science have always been my favorite subjects and this year my physics class in particular sparked my interest. I am hoping that my experience in the lab this summer will help me discover what I want to major in college, as well as possible career choices.

One of my other passions is lacrosse. I have been on Varsity for the past three years and this summer I am on the Liberty Lacrosse team, last summer I was on the Yellow Jackets team. I also am a member of the tennis team, and winter track team at my school. I do alot of sailing over the summer as well. I play the french horn in the band and orchestra at my school. I have been in Metropolitan Youth Orchestra for three years, and this year I was in the C.W. Post Undergraduate Orchestra, and on select occiasions performed with the North Shore Symphony Orchesra.

Danielle Bourguet
Tennisailax (at) AOL.com
July 2004
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