My name is Bolun liu, I come from Fremont California. I'm a student here at SIMONS working with Dr. Noe in the Laser Teaching facility. I'm really excited being a student here this year. This is my first time doing a research program and I'm very eager to take advantage of the opportunities offered to me this summer.

My entire career as a young scientist, I've been working with materials around me, using not what most people would consider the best materials, but ones that enable me to get the job done in a efficient and possibly new method. My inspirations from my projects come from innovative improvements of existing experiments, my fascination with precision and accuracy, and a belief that, without innovation in experimental design, technological progress will come to a crawl. However, now that I'm working in a lab, I'll finally have access to materials that professionals use to do their own research.

My philosophy as a scientist extends beyond my career and into my life. Although some people view me as a nerd, I view myself as a rational being that strives for meaning in his life through exploration of the world through science. I keep a healthy skepticism about me when learning; I try to absorb what people tell me, but also considering how their point of view, environmental conditions, and biological predispositions affect their judgment.

Even so, I am not a robot. I enjoy life much like anyone else, even if I don't know why certain hobbies are enjoyable. Music is the cure to my everyday insanity, and I use it to dispel un-rationalized emotions. The soulfull tones of my marimba never fail to rejuvenate my mind. I also consider myself to have a boisterous and effervescent personality, especially after a cup of coffee. I try to take joy in the simple things in life: tomatoes, chocolate, laughter, the breeze, the smell of fresh grass, and the excitement of talking to an old friend.

I hope my biography gives you a sense of what kind of person I am. Hope to see you around!