Anirudh's Links

Optical Tweezers and Spanners

Optical Tweezers and Their Biological Applications
      - A great site on the applications of Optical Tweezers
Optical Tweezers - Theory
      - A good summary of tweezer theory
Grover Swartzlander's Experiment on Tweezers using Vortices
      - Grover Swartzlander's Project on Optical Spanners
The Courtial Group
      - A great Optical Spanner site with a lot of useful information on Orbital Angular Momentum
      -Some other Courtial Papers:
           * Orbital Angular Momentum
           * Measuring the OAM of single photons
University of St. Andrews' Optical Trapping Group
      - Papers published by the University of St. Andrews' Trapping Group
David Grier's Group
      - David Grier, a prolific group that has conducted a lot of research on Tweezers
Spiral Phase Plates
      - A summary on Spiral Phase Plates, which is a way to create LG Beams

Tissue Optics

Tissue Optics Laboratory at the University of Arizona
Optical Coherence Microscope (OCM) at Harvey Mudd College

Microscopy et al.

Sam's Laser FAQ
      - A link to the most comprehensive site on lasers that I've seen
A FSU Primer on Microscopy
      - A good website on microscopy tecniques
      - A great open source resource encyclopedia
A summary of the rules of Cricket