I was born and raised on the south shore of Long Island, and as of the last nine years have lived in the quiet, relatively average town of East Islip. My mother and father, (both Stony Brook alumnae) as well as my thirteen-year-old sister now occupy our house there, and I have chosen to live on the Stony Brook campus.

Outside my academics, I am an avid reader and creative writer, and study both classical voice and piano, which I have been practicing for 11 and 5 years, respectively. I have a big, fat, Italian family that I adore, many friends on the Stony Brook campus that I love to spend time with, and an unhealthy obsession with designer shoes. I aspire to one day have Ph.D. in physics and live in either London or Manhattan- the two greatest places in the world, as far as Im concerned.

Growing up, my parents have always put a very heavy emphasis on schoolwork, which is why after a short stint of attending public school, I was placed into a private school in Huntington, NY that caters only to those of a certain IQ and above. Classes were small and rigorous, the student body was mature and clique-less, and I was very happy. After 6 years, although met with heavy resistance on my end, my parents forced me to transfer into the East Islip public school system for my freshman year of high school. Once there, I immediately realized I was academically two and three years ahead of other freshman, and was constantly surrounded by students much older than myself. This was the general trend throughout my time at East Islip High, and I generally disliked the experience, though I did manage to find the occasional club or activity that interested me. I was a part of the high schools Honors Choir (and subsequentially the NYSSMA All-State/All-County choirs in 2010 and 2011) and was cast in the annual musical twice, as well as being a member of the National Honor Society and the Tri-M Music Honor Society. I eventually came out of high school with 12 completed AP courses, an SAT score of 2340, and a ranking of 2nd in my graduating class, all of which I am very thankful to have under my belt.

When my college decisions rolled in towards the end of my senior year, I was sure my academics would gain me acceptances into my top schools, but I was unfortunately very disappointed. I applied to 6 Ivy League colleges, and my absolute dream was to attend either Princeton or the University of Chicago; however, I was ultimately rejected to 11 out of the 14 schools to which I applied, gaining admission only to NYU, Boston College, and, of course, Stony Brook. Mainly as a result of the AP Physics B class I took in my sophomore year at East Islip, I had already decided to pursue a major in physics, and for that reason, my choice between the three was clear. Stony Brook has undoubtedly the best physics program, and coupled with the full scholarship I was given, I matriculated immediately, becoming a member of Stony Brooks Women in Science and Engineering program.

Looking back, I realize the best thing the ivies could have done for me was reject me; I love every second I spend at Stony Brook. My classes are interesting and taught by incredibly accomplished faculty, Ive made fantastic friends, and as a WISE woman, I am able to already do my own independent research. I am truly looking forward to working in the lab with Dr. Noe, and to the remainder of my years as a proud Seawolf!