Changing refractive indices using ultrasound frequencies


1. Factors that alter refractive indices

For a research idea, find how much one factor needs to be altered in order to change the index of refraction by a certain degree. For example, changing the frequency by _____ amount will change the index by _____. Try to find a trend. This would allow individual indices to be obtained allowing properties of these indices, such as refraction, to be tested. Indices for particular materials can be tested without obtaining the materials themselves.


1. Multi-frequency response of the bubble to sonoluminescence

During the sonoluminescence process, the bubble emits a fundamental frequency and a harmonic of the fundamental frequency which can be audibly heard as a buzzing noise. Since the two frequencies are of the same basic shape but one is slightly altered from the other, it can be assumed that the harmonic frequency is much higher than the fundamental frequency. For a project, I could investigate which specific harmonic is emitted.