Chaos in Optics:

-An Undergraduate Research Project at the University of Arizona

The Talbot Effect:

-Interesting topics related to the Talbot Effect
-A basic, relatively easy to understand explanation of the Talbot Effect can be found here
-An explanation of periodic diffraction and imaging from Abbe's theory
-A site explaining the fractional Talbot Effect
-The Talbot effect for oblique angles of light propogation.
-Go to this site for information on Ronchi Gratings
-More information on Ronchi Gratings
-Undergraduate projects on the Talbot Effect can be found both here and here
-Information on constructing a Talbot-Lau interferometer
-A site explaining the usefulness of a Talbot-Lau interferometer
-The Talbot Effect using x-rays
-A biography of Henry Fox Talbot
-A bibliography with references to over 500 papers about the Talbot effect.
- Web page of Prof. Krzysztof Patorski.

Diffraction and Interference

-Explanation of Fresnel's Equations

Fourier Optics:

-This site uses Fourier Transforms to analyze different diffraction patterns
-a tutorial on Fourier Transforms

Useful Sites for writing html and css code

-css commands

Information on Women in Physics

-An article on the equity for women in physics

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