I am here at Stony Brook for the summer as part of the summer REU program. Over the next 8 weeks I will be doing research in the Laser Teaching Center. I attend Austin College, a small liberal arts school in Sherman Texas, where I am a junior physics major. My other academic interests include math and spanish. I also sing in the Austin College A Cappella Choir, am vice president of Sigma Phi Chi, and will be secretary of the Society of Physics Students in the fall. After I graduate from Austin College in 2005, I plan to go on to graduate school to pursue a PhD in some area of physics. While I am not sure what area I will study, I am most interested in quantum mechanics, chaos, and relativity. Regardless of what area I go into, I want to be a college professor and write physics books, both for professional physicists and for those interested in physics.

Allison Schmitz
Summer 2003
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