I was born in Thailand and lived there until I was 14 years old. I then moved to Long Island, New York, to further my education and strengthen my future in the technology field.

      Since I was little, my father, an electrical engineer, has taught me to be a curious person. He would always ask if I understand why things happen or why they act the way they do, and often gave me explanations with real experiments. I remember them very well: that evening when he taught me the physics behind the car accelerator and stopped the car in the middle of a highway; that musical night with wine glasses; and that science fair when we spent the night together building this speaking doll. His love for physics and technology is inspiring, and that makes me want to study very hard and know a lot of things, just like him.

      Moving to America wasn't something my father prepared me for, but I faced the obstacles head on. My English skills were that of an elementary school kid, so I was put in ESL classes during my freshmen year. It was tough and quite an unique experience to learn everything in a foreign language. Struggling and studying hard as I was, I excelled in all my classes, including 5 APs, and was recognized as the Principal's Leadership Award (PLA) Highschool's nominee during my senior year.

      What I learned through those hardships is that I enjoy challenging my limit to see how far I can go. I joined First Robotics Team when I didn't even know any of the tool names. I joined DVD Year Book Club when my English wasn't that fluent and I had to go around and convince people to let me video-tape them. It was quite embarrassing, through these experiences, I have acquired and developed many important personal strength, most important of which is the courage I need to face more difficult tasks in the future.

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