2001 Projects

During this year I had the chance to start working in the Laser Teaching Center thanks to the help of Prof. Harold Metcalf. I got acquainted with the various equipments and instruments available in the lab. Also I started working together the graduate student Mirna Lerotic on a Quantum Optics project called the "Which Way Experiment". This involved the use of a CCD camera to take intensity measurements on the fringes produced by a Mach-Zender interferometer.

During the summer I decided to investigate how CCD cameras can be properly used in Optics research. This led me to the study of the different architectures of CDD cameras and their pros and cons regarding purchase and use in optics research. I also wrote a small weekly journal highlighting my progress status during the summer. During the next semester I had the oportunity to travel to Long Beach, California together with my classmate Doug Brouge. In Long Beach we presented our summer research during theresent my summer work in the Optical Society of Amerca conference that took part in October of 2001.

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